Monday, April 14, 2008

Online shoes

Big Shoe Bazaar is here!!
Finally we Indians have a website dedicated to shoes - so now, one can not only browse through the various shoes styles available but even purchase them online... how cool is that!
The site claims that it is India's largest online shoe store, retailing shoes and accessories made by some of India's best footwear and accessory brands.
The site seems very user-friendly, though there are a few technical glitches, which I hope will go away with time.

One can browse the footwear through various categories - color, brands, new arrivals, on sale and ofcourse, through various styles of shoes. So many brands like Lee Cooper, Woodland, Adidas, Levis, Nike,Reebok, Red Tape, Valentino etc. I wish, though, that they had more local branches like Finesse and The Show Garage so that women had more options.

They even have an accesories section where one can surf through (as the site suggests) wallets, belts, jackets, socks and even foot cosmetics. Though I could only see foot cosmetics :P

It's not as vast as other international websites, neither does it have as many color / styles options, but hopefully more will be added with time...

On a departing note:
I had gone to buy sth practical for office, but fell in love with this sunshine...

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