Friday, December 5, 2008

Geren Ford

Geren Ford, a beautiful international ready-to-wear label that "sports a level of sexiness akin to sitting on chaise lounge in a swanky Parisian hotel."

These pictures are a part of it's Fall '08 collection. Go here to see more collections.

I love these thigh-high boots and the stockings. So sexy, so chic.

Its available in NYC and LA. Shame! I wish some Indian labels w take a cue and make some real pret-a-porter.

Burberry dreams

thoughts of pearls, and french lace, London afternoon and vintage cameras...

Bag: My own

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

USI - Uni Style Image

OK, so here I am, once again, pursuing yet another Indian label to reveal something more about it, to show off some stuff...

I recently went into a factory outlet of USI and was pleasantly surprised at the range of clothes and their affordability. USI offers a range of clothes for both men and women, and are easily available at various stores located throughout major cities. An Indian brand into classic casual wear – manufacturing and retailing t-shirts, s w e a t shirts, tracksuits, tops and jackets – USI has been in the market for 11 years now. The thrust of the brand is on exporting to some European countries – France and England being the major markets. though USI started as a t-shirt brand, it’s now manufacturing a range of other casual wear products too.

Their philosophy is "It’s not about making clothes like no one else does; nor is it to clothe anyone the way we want to. It is about offering an expression of the good things in life and spreading the message across." Ummm....

Personally, I think their clothes make good separates, but not everything is wearable. You will have to hunt through the stuff to find something exciting enough. I loved the tobacco brown sweaters and emerald green sweatshirts, which, unfortunately are not available on their website.

A range of clothes which I found on their website (not much, as is the case with most of Indian sites):

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