Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love / Hate?

Bags by Bodhi

like a shirt dress ;)

the accordion purse
safety-pin clutch (I love this!!)
Bags by Marimekko

love all these yumm colors...

berry delicious!

Bag by Martin Margiela

i so want this :P

so you love them / hate them?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Color me Pinko!

It's Indian invasion time for Pinko, the Italian fashion house. It's coming to India, via Kimaya.
Pinko already has 670 multi-brand stores and 130 mono-brand stores across the world.

Brand Pinko entered the market as a line of fashionable, stylish and glamour clothes. The fact remains, however, that world’s famous photographers and models has also contributed to the growth of the brand. Pinko has featured supermodels Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson and singer Maria Carey in its campaigns.

Apart from the “usual stuff" of glam, luxe garments and accessories, Pinko has this line of really cute animals, Skelanimals– which are long dead and 'are looking for people who have a wild (?) tender heart'…check it here.

As for the the, well - pretty usual and pretty expensive :P They are good – but then, we have seen the same elegant, rich clothing in so many other brands too…Quite frankly, there was nothing eye-catching in their entire line, and their bags weren’t something I would like to carry. I wonder, what exactly made them so famous... maybe the celebrity endorsementslist? Am not saying that it isn't good, but a bit too expensive even for a luxe brand.

Let’s see how it fares in India…


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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kimaya - the leading fashion house of India

Now that I have (finally!) started dedicating my posts to Indian brands, I have been facing silly li'l hurdles. Like no website, no information, no history...As none of the mid class market brands are available on Net, I have ended up covering the luxury brands. I don't really mind that, but I wish I could cover more of the brands which people like you and me actually wear. Not the ones we droll over.

Kimaya is one such droll-worthy brand. Actually, it's India's only fashion house to have more than 100 designers in its kitty.The likes of Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rina Dhaka, JJ Valaya, Aki Nirula, Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna, Falguni & Shane Peacock and many more have their collections housed under Kimaya. So you have all those gorgeous clothes, with the trademark of each designer sitting under one roof. If only we could afford it... (deep sigh!!)

On top of all this, Kimaya is bringing the Italian fashion house, Pinko to India. It will now be available in India exclusively at Kimaya stores in Kemps Corner and Juhu in Mumbai and will be arriving soon at Kimaya, Emporio in New Delhi.

With branches already in Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai, it' soon going to launch online shopping... even if I can never afford those designer clothes, won't be delicious to browse through them??

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Fab India

Am finally doing an Indian Label!!! (yayyiee)

Everytime I go to a fabindia store, I am always taken in by the fabrics. Their distinctive use of handloom weaving techniques, natural dyes, and both vivid and earthy colors have made their products both fashionable and desirable. Especially with the Arty set and the tourists.

A bit of history: It was founded in 1960 to market the vast and diverse craft traditions of India. It blends indigenous craft techniques with contemporary ethnic designs. With 57 stores in the country currently, and one each in Rome, Dubai and Guangzhou, the company is to add close to 200 stores in the next four-five years. And, true to its founding mission of creating sustainable employment, it is taking its craftsmen along. From providing jobs for close to 15,000 artisans today, it is hopeful of supporting another 1,00,000 in the next few years.

The website of Fabindia, though online shopping enabled, is a huge disappontment. The product photographs are hardly attractive, the models look aged and ungraceful (!) and their clothes look dowdy...

From skirts to kutis, tunics, shirts, churidaars, to salwaars, nehru jackets and duppataas in beautiful fabrics and colors, Fab india stores everyting for men and women. They also have a range of home furnishings, which is worth a dekko. Don't go by the looks of the website, though - if ethnic, down-to-earth clothes and natural fabrics is what you crave for, do check their stores!
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