Thursday, March 20, 2008

Summer forever

Wish summer was all about bright colors
knee-skimming hemlines
sherbert pallete
soft chiffon dresses
and heels that make you feel like goddess...

The eyelet dress

jewel tones

spring in my dress :P

to kill the color block

If only it was possible to wear dresses always.. *sigh*

Images courtsey : J Crew


  1. This was the only way i could get back and Thankyou for such lavish words on the Rain Blog (BTW i loved the Beatles lines on your blog header image!).

    And you are in Delhi itself, so what do you do? Lets see, we have all fashion here, so guessing: Designer, Analyst, or sth more jazzy?

  2. hey, it's me :)

    ya, have never heard the beatles song myself... but read the lines somewhere n loved it! :)

    i am in delhi - a graphic designer..( u guessed almost right!) no,not in the fashion industry :P

  3. ohgawd...gorgeous to the core..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome! Finally a street smart indian blog on fashion! I've been trolling the net for ages, and this is the only place I've found that is a fresh take on indian fashion, and not just a thinly designed plug by a clothing corp.

  5. @sonali..

    yes, aren't they? *sigh* i am drooling at everything here..

  6. @venetianluna-

    thank you so much! your words mean so so much :)i just hope i can do more, do better.. :)

    thanks again! n psst! i went to your blog..u dont update regularly, do you? :)