Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shopper's Stop: The Makeover

Makeovers have always been hot, but the hottest makeovers are those of brands. Shopper's Stop recently changed it's branding. New advertisements (i found them stupid, but, then I think they were meant to be stupid...),new logo..the works.

What pleasently surprised me, however, were the changes in SS's stores. Not only have they redone the entire look - much more sophisticated - but they have even added many more international brands.

So now, one can find awesomely gorgeous clothes of brands like UCB, FCUK, UCB, CK , Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica etc.

Perfect reasons to go shopping (as if we need any)!!


  1. lol, talk about it. i personally feel they ve a long long way to go. They shud ve come up with the changes long back to keep pace with its competitors...
    lovely posts here!

  2. @khamakha..yeah! :) but you know, like they say - better late than never!

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