Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Knotted - through the ages!

Simple, stylish, perfect for the scorching mercury: this season's hottest hair trend, the Top Knot. But it isn't really new after all. For have we not seen our rishi-munis sporting this look? The famous 'gossiper' Narad Muni also styled his hair in an "up-there" knot - and it must have been a cool style for travelling so much in the hot Indian climate! Not bad for a hair style to last since 100 B.C.

Its a very flexible hair style and already popular among school / college girls (though their's more like a loose bun). It's been sported by Jennifer Lopez and Kareena Kapoor among other. Oh, yeah, me too! ;)

Here's one tutorial for a slightly different version that I found online just for you, lovelies:

Image 1:: Wikipedia & Matt Reichel
Image 2:: &