Monday, August 20, 2007


CROCS Crocs is finally in India. After making waves in USA & Europe(for good reasons and bad) it has decided to enter the booming Indian market.
I went to its stall at a Sports Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, to check for myself what all the hue n cry was about.
The shoe by many is considered hideously ugly, and others can't help falling in love with its cuteness. My first impression was "such colors!!!" Such beautiful, happy, bright colors. I could easily imagine myself wearing a bright pink one in the rains and making a a splash.:P
The pair was priced at Rs. 1500-1600 each, which seemed expensive for - plastic. But somehow, I found myself in possesion of these beautiful (!!) Mary Jane shoes (Mary Jane is the style of the shoe). They are red hot n tooo cute and i cant wait to go puddle-hopping in them.. but hey, they have holes, lolz...

I mean, shoes with holes... lolz.. ain't it a crazy world!
And along with shoes, I got a FREE (YAYIEEE!! FREE!! :P) CROCS T-shirt (it's sooo soft!!)

and a cute keychain (sorry, couldn't take a pic)...
Won't it look cool with rolled up jeans or Capris or even nice shorts?? Am so excited!!

But then, a word of caution:It has been alleged that CROCS are bad for the environment. The material they are made out of cannot be recycled or bio-degraded.
Also, They are hazardous. There have been over ten documented accidents with these shoes, on escalators especially. Children have lost toes to these things because the straps get caught in the sides of the escalator.
To know, read this & this

Now, I really can't decide if it was such a wise buy after all :P


  1. Wooooo....I loooooove myself a pair in Pink here in b'lore...& got fake ones from bangkok......just love em.....awww..u got a t-shirt & a keychain too....mujhe nahin mile :(

    So, when are you planning to puddle hop & shop?!?!

    Update this space more often na.

  2. I dont know why I dont like those shoes :|

  3. @RedSoul: Lil dolly has grown up .. thats why she doesnt :P

  4. @ektaran

    fake ones? lolz.. awww pink must have been sooo cute.. u got the same style?? kool..

    ok now, don't cry..will give u the keychain, ok? :)

    and umm, i have done puddle-hopping but shopping :P will have to be postponed i guess

  5. @pranshu... u want these shoes haan? :)

  6. @red soul.. dont you worry :p am still confused ;) and u know, they bite me :( not comfy :(