Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A bit of shopping...

My feet has been hurting a lot since the past few weeks, so I finally dragged myself to the market and got myself these...

They are really cute n adorable, though a bit mucked up now beacuse of constant showers...
On the way home, I saw this:

and had to buy it!!

Ring: BE - Rs. 250 ($ 6.25)
Shoes: Bata - Rs. 1000 ($ 25)

The shoes are really cute n adorable, though sporty..still I can carry them of with anything with jeans and shorts, too. The ring, is pretty glam so I will keep it when I want to play sophisticated lady ;)


  1. hello, thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely message. I draw my illustartions in ink or pencil then scan them in, then the fun bit I work on them in photoshop, adding textures, trying out colours. I hope that helps :)

  2. oh my gosh I absolutely love the ring. And the shoes are cute too :D I'll maybe post a pic of the shoes I bought too ;)

  3. hey red soul! ya ya do do pls do :D it will be such fun na. comparing n checking the stuff we buy!! ;)