Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day One: Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2008

India's biggest fashion extravaganza began yesterday at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The show began with the collection of Rajesh Pratap Singh. Neon colours, shimmer and light fabrics were the high points of his collection. Rajesh PS is known for his faultlessly clean lines and obsessive attention to detail.

The collection started with simple summer dresses in light weight fabrics of pure white with a dash of vibrant colors. Graphic elements and floral motifs added pizzas to an otherwise subtle look. The silhouettes were very eighties, with off-shoulder necklines for flouncing tops which going on to meet broad tight fitted hems. The focus of the collection was on subtle shimmering fabrics in cool grays and muted shades of blues. There were loads of tunic dresses, 3/4th pants, boy shorts.

something I personally prefer...simple, elegant n chic
and I guess I am partial to white.

Perhaps they could have done without the flowers,
or put them on her hair

The collection by Shantanu & Nikhil- called "Banaras Boulevard" was noteworthy beacuse of its richly textured fabrics, shimmering materials, flowing silky weaves and glamorously crafted ornamental cutwork. I personally prefered it because of its well-structured silhouettes and attention to detailing. The colors are very summery... pale golds and muted yellow; one really can't ignore how wonderful yellow looks. It isn't exactly my favourite color, but when I look at these clothes, I feel my loyalties shifting.

This is so damn gorgeous; love the pleats

Something I can well imagine Beyonce in
or our own Kareena

Ah! Trench gone sexy

Very girly-sexy

As anyone can easily judge - even the most "fashion-unaware" person - Shantanu & Nikhil's clothes are what will be wearable - to a certain extent. I really can't say that all women in India can wear their stuff (because of the place they live, families etc.) but those in metroes definately can.

What do you think? Wearable or not?


  1. I am totally impressed with your review.. and about the clothes, Definately wearable.. :D

    A must say here, "white" looks hot and very chic.. stylish yet sensual.. :)


  2. Fantastic dresses. Yeah both light silky fabrics and white cottons with pastel dabs look good in summer and am sure they would feel good too.

    The mango colored pleated dress was the best of all. And I absolutely loved the way you described it. It looked professional. Quite like the way I have always read about such shows, in newspapers written by experienced fashion reviewers.

    Lol and I absolutely have no issues with girls wearing this on streets. I would love it for sure. Not sure about the rest though :D

  3. Ohh WOW! so are you going to update us regularly on WLIFW?!?!

    I loooved the name of the collection "Banaras Boulevard"....def wearable.