Friday, February 25, 2011

{Shades of Grey}

I have been in dire need of grey pumps since forever - they are the only thing which will complete an outfit I have in mind. But no matter how many shoe stores I have been to, nothing seems to be "just right". And so I ended up virtual window shopping, in the hope that I may get an idea of what I really want. Of course, what I really want is a paying job, a house full of books & shoes - throw in a unicorn too - but let's focus on the shoes bit right now.

Here's what I saw and liked:

Grey wedge by Michael Antonio Has a stacked 6 inch heel and a 1 1/2 inch platform.

First Lady by Luichiny. The chain detail is removable and it has a 4 1/2 inch metallic stiletto heel and 1/2 inch recessed platform.

Tiffany by Kelsi Dagger. With a removable bow in case you are aiming for a somber look.

by Christian Louboutin. Not a fan of the fabric but I love the red heels.

So, which one is your favourite?


  1. Oh these are yummy!
    Too bad I don't have the right set of skills to walk in heels. Haha

  2. @meream: :D you like delightful in flats too :D and those skills are something you get with practise.. just try :)

  3. they look so pretty.
    i'd go for louboutins

    the luichiny one is so dressed up and pretty lady like. but im not sure of their practicality :P esp with the macho way im which im usually running around...

  4. @Amrita: sigh! I agree! But then again, there are occasions when heels give you that edge... ;)and then you may not have to run around.

  5. Wow, gorgeous shoes! I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

  6. @Sarah: Thanks! will surely do! :)

  7. I very much like the First Lady by Luichiny. :)

  8. @SophisticatedGlam: I know!! That back chain detail is so wow!

    And welcome here :)