Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Walk on a Rainbow}

In love with this rainbow spiral staircase. Why don't they make such things mandatory in every house?
The staircase is centralised in The Rainbow House.

The house is a living artwork in which every corner offers a unique and magical discovery. In the master bedroom, a circular bed rotates into position so that you can look out any window. A trap door in the floor pops open to reveal a slide that zips you down to the living room below, where an over-sized sofa creates a 12 x 8 metre soft piazza for playing, sleeping and living.
Photo via here.


  1. Wow!! :O I love rainbows! I'd LOVEEEEE a staircase like this one! Its so pretty & I'v GOT to see this house! <3

  2. @artyheart: Yes!! I know - its so gorgeous, right? :D

    & thanks for the follow & the comment!