Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Nothing like Black}

This is a new series I am starting. Outfits.

Every few weeks or so, I will be putting up photos of my outfits - what I was wearing and where and why etc. So this becomes more personal and you can identify my style - which, if you do, please let me know too ;) And also, because I want to add more fashion to the content. I won't promise to update regularly in this series, but I will post only the best.

It was a cold day but I was in no mood to pull on a sweater or cardigan with jeans yet again. So blah! So, I wore this instead:

The dress is from this lovely store, Robinsons in Singapore. It was a gift, and initially I kind of wasn't sure about it...I thought it would be too girly for my age - but after trying it on, I realised it looked just fine. Plus, its the prefect length - just touching the knees and hence wearable anywhere.  The belt was kind of complicated - I couldn't decide what to do with the belt - it seemed too matchy-matchy, but then I wore it over the cardigan, and presto! It looked perfect.

The black cardigan is from Only. I totally heart it as its perfect for the slightly cold weather - when you just need a little warmth to cover up bare arms. Plus, its very, very versatile. There's just no end to the variations in which it can be worn. And its unbelievably soft.

Stockings: Topshop
Ring: Janpath, New Delhi

Everything went perfectly with the weather and my mood - which was not bleak or dark. Because black is fun and sexy, right?

So, what do you think of this new series?


  1. okay, like i already did on chat :P let me tell you what all I Love about this post. The concept. The ring, the nails, the way you've put it together - looks so good even with that matchy-matchy belt. perfect. the hair :P the nails, oh I said that already.

    you should do more of these... and i'm gonna look through my closet if i've such a dress and a belt to wear it like this! mommmy i want a floweryyyy dress like this :P

  2. SUPERB!!!
    Loved this post and You look so graceful :)
    bearhugs sis

  3. @Amrita: :D Thanks so much girl! Your comment is such a delight to read, I swear :)

    hopefully, will put up more such posts soon...

  4. @rainboy: awww thanks so much brother *bearhugs*


    FYI: I want to steal your dress.

  6. @Meream: I love your comment! And I LOVE the enthusiasm in it :D

    FYI: Love that, too :P

  7. @Rainboy, Amrita: Theres a whole series of these pictures. You will see it soon :D

  8. Fabulous! The first picture makes the outfit look like its a garment on its own!