Friday, December 5, 2008

Geren Ford

Geren Ford, a beautiful international ready-to-wear label that "sports a level of sexiness akin to sitting on chaise lounge in a swanky Parisian hotel."

These pictures are a part of it's Fall '08 collection. Go here to see more collections.

I love these thigh-high boots and the stockings. So sexy, so chic.

Its available in NYC and LA. Shame! I wish some Indian labels w take a cue and make some real pret-a-porter.


  1. Love the Emerald green and gey autumn winter!!!

    and the boots are to die for

  2. Hi,Payal..lovely pics.:)Nice models,too..*winks*.
    And,heavens,this is a great new look to your blog.Very serene and nice:)

  3. @khamkaha..sizzlin' hot na? :)

    @Shoe girl.. oh yes, the boots, and the boots, and the boots :p am droolinnn ;)

    @AmitL..thanks so much... i love it to bits :P