Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100% recycled

Have you ever looked at all those poly bags you get when you go shopping and wondered at the huge quantity consumed by you? Wondered how much they impact the environment and feeling guilty about it?

I do, but frankly, not always. Because in our cities, you get poly bags with everything you purchase - groceries, toiletries, clothes, food etc. We save those bags, and use them to throw away garbage, carry lunch boxes to office, store miscellaneous stuff, or to carry heavy stuff from one place to another. So It's kind of difficult to totally stop using them.

But we can try. By using fabric bags as much as possible (paper isn't strong enough). Or other alternatives, like these:

This bag, available here is 100% environmentally friendly, the main fabric is a RECYCLED Jute coffee sack and the lining is certified ORGANIC Hemp canvas of the highest quality. And it's cute too! Plus big enough to put all your groceries in. They are expensive, but am sure if we looked around, we'll find similar stuff in our local markets.

These seriously cool bags, made out of recycled packaging (polypropylen) and cotton, are worth a dekko. Like most recycled stuff, they aren't cheap, but if you wish to purchase them, go here. Even if you don't, it's a pretty cool site. :P

Like always, I wish such stuff was available in India too. It is, actually, but not as gorgeous. And definitely not cheap. Till they do that, we are back to polybags. And trashing the planet. :(


  1. oops..that was me

  2. totally facinated by the design of the one sample and of course its value to the environment.. i wish some efforts are taken to bring down the prices of environmental friendly bags, only then will it be an incentive to use them instead of poly bags

  3. @sonali.. you are abs right. the rates need to be down, but till then, we can cut down consciously on our usage of poly bags and use jute/fabric bags instead. :)