Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chocolate Fanta!

I was recently faced with the dilema of buying - shoes!! :P I hate too much of anyting, even shoes or clothes coz they eventually end up cluttered or unworn or just wasted. I mean, how many shoes do I really need.. but then, this was neccesity. All I had were open-toed flats / sandals or high-heels and I really needed something flat and warm (read closed) for my feet. It's getting colder day-by-day and the wind nips at your feet mercilessly. So, this was needed.

Now the hunt started. I didn't want to wear stuff like this

or that; not that they are bad, but they are well, common. Also, I have been eyeing ballerina flats since some time now (almost a year) and thought that it was the best time to get a pair or two.

But what was really needed was sth different, formal, comfortable, yet warm. Now, one does find a variety of ballerina flats in the mkt., but - formal looking?

With doubts and hope in my heart i searched and searched - found nothing - till I went to Shahpur Jat, to the The Shoe Garage - a heaven for shoe lovers. Not only they had shoes just like I wanted, they even modified them to my size! I loved two pairs, but as I was budgeting, decided to buy just one - a pair of ballerinas which looked like melted chocolate - only cuter :D and oh, they are priced like, dirt cheap. Then, when I was about to leave, my eyes feel on a pair of Orange (yes, Orange!!!) flats and I couldn't resist them! Slapping my credit card, I felt as if the world was dancing with me.. you think am insane for being so happy over a pair of shoes... ;)
I couldn't take pics of them - so I am uploading a few pics I searched on the net and me, mine are much much better...
Happy Holidays!!


  1. cuttte ones:)
    was looking for the informal version of the wid shimmers n bows n all:P

    lovely blog!
    commented on few of the other posts
    keep updating

  2. @sona..aww you are too cute..:) thank you