Monday, November 19, 2007

What's with Indian fashion?

It's that time of the year again... shopping for the season, shopping for the festivals / marriages..the most festive time of the year...there's so much of fashion on street nowadays.. BUT...

Yesterday, after spending, like, 5 hours on the net searching for a site showing trends in indian fashion or even indian street fashion, I found - Nothing. Nil. You have sites on Japanese fashion and ofcourse Milan / New york / Paris fashion.. but hey..where's my India? It isn't as if we Indians don't dress up well (we do!! duh!!)...or as if we have no idea what's up in fashion ( the ever-emerging malls, the craze for shopping, and ya, the entry of Vogue in India tells you another story)...then.. what's the problem...

For what I can guess, most of the Indians, still aren't as net-comfy as their global counterparts. They would still go all the way to Delhi - Mumbai -Ludhiana - Mysore to shop rather than shop online. They still prefer to watch TV (read Ekta Kapoor serials) or read fashion mags to know about fashion rather than doing so easily on Net. Ther's nothing wrong in it, actually. Just that we have in our hands such an immense possibility, and we never utilise it.

Whenever I go to any market / on the road/ in my college / all the time.. I see so many many well-dresssed girls, women.. I so wish I had a digital camera so I could upload them up here for the world to see (or whoever comes here :P) .... I mean, that's why I started this blog.. but it's getting difficult...without good enough pictures... still I will keep trying... :)

Those 5 hours on the internet weren't wasted though. I did find some pretty good stuff which one can easily incorporate in their winter wardrobes, in India or anywhere....

So, here we go...

Cardigans I loved..

Loved these coats online@ Mango...
thankfully we have Mango in India- even though it is hideously expensive

Gorgeous trousers & Hoodie - not from Mango though

That's all for now. i just hope I am able to upload some real pics of real people dresses beautifully... and do it real soon

Cheers and have fun shopping.. :)


  1. Hmm..agreed..
    why dont u uplaod the sites u love here itself.that wud be helpful too.

    I luved some of the pantaloons winter collection, which r like affordable!!!


  2. loved d article....nd d clothes 2....of course.......luvly clothes.........keep writing nd uploading!!!